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YAG 1/2/1 1948/9 No photographs in report
YAG 1/2/2 1950/1 No photographs in report
YAG 1/2/3 1951/2 County Hospital. Children's Ward
City Hospital. Corner of Physiotherapy Department
Bootham Park. Chapel
Hazlewood Maternity Hospital. Green Ward
Fairfield Sanatorium. Bay of Women=s Ward
The Grange Hospital. A women=s Ward
Fulford Hospital. Work in Progress [adaptation of hutted wartime buildings to new joint hospitals]
YAG 1/2/4 1952/3 County Hospital. A room in the X-Ray Department
City Hospital. Ward 2
Insulin Ward at Naburn Branch, Naburn and Bootham Park Hospital
Occupational Therapy Department. Bootham Park branch, Naburn and Bootham Park Hospital
A Patients' Lounge at Naburn Branch, Naburn and Bootham Park Hospital
Part of the Naburn Farm, Naburn and Bootham Park Hospital
Children in Yearsley Bridge Hospital
Grange Hospital. Television Interlude
YAG 1/2/5 1953/4 Poppleton Gate. Patients' Day Room
Grange Hospital. New Assistant Nurse
Training School
County Hospital. Chapel
Bootham Park Hospital [exterior view]
Naburn Hospital. Patients' recreation
Ward of Yearsley Bridge Hospital
City Hospital. Nurses' Lecture Room
Two panoramic views of Fulford Hospital
YAG 1/2/6 1954/5 Hospital Management Committee
Transfer of Premature Babies from old to new Hospital
The Maternity Hospital [block plan]
Small Nursery Lying-In-Ward
Combined Labour Ward and Theatre, Observation, and Isolation Ward, Maternity Hospital
Main Kitchen [Maternity Hospital]
Pathological Laboratory [Maternity Hospital]
Permanent Staff Bedroom [Maternity Hospital]
A Staff Sitting Room [Maternity Hospital]
Mothers' Accommodation, Premature Unit, Maternity Hospital
A Gynaecological Ward [Maternity Hospital]
YAG 1/2/7 1955/6 [County Hospital] Casualty Department, Out-Patients' Department
Dinner-Time, Victoria Ward. County Hospital
Recreational Therapy. Bootham Park
Enjoying the Sunshine. Bungalow Hospital
YAG 1/2/8 1956/7 Dental Suite, new Out-Patients' Department.
County Hospital
Taking the Air. Poppleton Gate Hospital
Staff Restaurant. Naburn Hospital
Patients' Common Room. Naburn Hospital
Operating Theatre. County Hospital
Patients' Shop. Naburn Hospital
YAG 1/2/9 1957/8 Children's Ward. City Hospital
Men's Medical Ward. County Hospital
Dining Room. Bootham Park
Patients' Lounge. Acomb Hospital
YAG 1/2/10 1958/9 Facsimile of the House Rules for the County Hospital, 1740
Taking a blood sample in the Pathology
Department of the County Hospital
The mechanical patient hoist in action.
Bootham Park
Receiving Treatment in the new Dental Clinic at Naburn Hospital
A Staff Dance in Progress in the new Recreation Hall at the City Hospital
YAG 1/2/11 1959/60 Naburn Hospital. New Social Centre
Naburn Hospital. One of the Patients' Day Rooms
X-Ray examination in progress in the new Out-Patients' Department at Lambert Memorial Hospital
One of the recently upgraded wards at St Mary's Hospital
County Hospital. New Boiler House
YAG 1/2/12 1960/61 County Hospital. Control Unit
Paging System, Personal Receiver
County Hospital. Interior and Exterior View of Connecting Corridor, Out-Patients to Main Building
Acomb Geriatric Hospital
Naburn Hospital Laundry: New Messroom; Reorganised Machine Room [2 photographs]
New extension, Ward 5, Bootham Park
Interior View, new Boiler House, Bootham Park
YAG 1/2/13 1961/2 County Hospital Pathology Extension - Interior View
YAG 1/2/13 1961/2 County Hospital Pathology Extension - Interior View
City Hospital. New Sun Lounge, Ward 6
St Mary's Hospital. New Entrance
Bootham Park. Day Hospital Extension
Fairfield Hospital. Using the new Telephone Trolley Service, provided by the Friends of the York Hospitals
YAG 1/2/14 1962/3 County Hospital. Reception Hall, Ante-Natal Clinic
County Hospital. Staff Recreation Hall
St Mary's Hospital. Rehabilitation Department
Naburn Hospital. Day Room of a recently upgraded Ward
Fairfield Hospital. Child Psychiatric Unit
YAG 1/2/15 1963/4 No photographs in report
YAG 1/2/16 1964/5 One of the two delivery rooms in the replanned and upgraded delivery ward at the Maternity Hospital
The high vacuum autoclaves and part of the range of sterilising ovens in the Group Central Sterile Supply Dept at Yearsley Bridge Hospital
YAG1/2/17-23 No photographs in reports 1965/6 to 1971/2
YAG 1/2/24 1948-74 W. Louis Lawton Esq (HMC Chairman 1948-60)
Alderman Eric J. Keld (HMC Chairman 1960-74)
A View of the County Hospital
A model of the new District Hospital, phases 1 and 2 which are due to open in 1976
A view of Bootham Park Hospital taken prior to 1948

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