Data Communications at the National Physical Laboratory

Scope and Content

The material in this bibliography consists of documents used by Martin Campbell-Kelly in preparing the report Data Communications at the National Physical Laboratory 1965-1975. The material has been assigned to box files according to document type: 

  • NAHC/Add. MS/1: Unpublished Memoranda, 1965-1969;
  • NAHC/Add. MS/2: Unpublished Memoranda, 1970-1975;
  • NAHC/Add. MS/3: Publications and Conference Papers, 1967-1977;
  • NAHC/Add. MS/4: Divisional Reports, 1966-1977;
  • NAHC/Add. MS/5: Technical Memoranda, 1967-1975.
Detailed listings for each box are given below.

The listing of NAHC/NPL/Add. MS/3 is intended to serve as a bibliography of the published articles, books and conference papers generated by the NPL DCN project during the period 1965-75. Where items are undated, they have been placed at a point suggesting the probable date. Items dated later than 1975 are generally historical or retrospective accounts of the work. Although a handful of items have not been located (in some cases because there is no surviving manuscript of a conference presentation) bibliographical details are included for the sake of completeness. This bibliography serves as a handlist for the document collection, which has been deposited in the library of the Division of Information Technology and Computing, NPL. In Box 1 there is a transcript of D.W. Davies interviewed by Martin Campbell-Kelly at the NPL, 17 March 1986, pp. 32.