British Antarctic Expedition, 1907-1909

Scope and Content

  • MS 1592;SL Ships log, 1907-1909[Nimrod] 1 volume, holograph
  • MS 1547/50;D Menu card for Lieutenant Shackleton and Antarctic Expedition of 1907 [Freeman's Rooms Christchurch, New Zealand] 2 leaves
  • MS 374;ER Meteorological log, 2 March 1908 to 28 February 1909, 1 volume
  • MS 367/27;D Meteorological observations 3 November 1908 to 21 February 1909 [Southern journey] 55 leaves, typescript
  • MS 1568/2/2;D Route and surveys of the South Magnetic Polar party, 1908-1909 [From triangulation and traverses, by Douglas Mawson]
  • MS 1568/2/3;D Route and surveys of the southern journey party, 1908-1909 [From traverses and astronomical observations by Eric Marshall]
  • MS 367/28;D Sketch of panorama, 17 December 1908 [From Mount George Murry to Mount Melbourne from the Drygalski Ice Tongue by the Northern party] 1 sheet
  • MS 325; Sketch plan of hut supplies arrangement [Found at Cape Royds Hut, Ross Island, 26 January 1956] 1 sheet
  • MS 657;D Autographs of members [Included in the Antarctic winter book, winter quarters, 1907-1909] 1 leaf
  • MS 735/2-4;ER Albums of press cuttings, 1907-1921, 3 volumes
  • MS 1568/2/1;D General map showing the explorations and surveys of the expedition, 1907-1909, 1 leaf
  • MS 1568/2/4;D Panorama of mountains south of Mount Markham, 1 leaf
  • MS 1613/6;D Programme of the British Antarctic Expedition Exhibition, 1907-1909 [Signed by Amy Shackleton, (sister of Ernest) also includes a printed copy of a leaflet promoting Heart of the Antarctic by Ernest Henry Shackleton]
  • MS 1537/2/24/12;D Menu, 29 June 1909 [From a welcome home dinner for Shackleton and his comrades, Princes restaurant, printed paper and signed by party]
  • MS 1433/1;D Telegram to Rupert England, 7 December 1909 [Calling him to attend an investiture to receive a clasp for his Polar Medal] 1 leaf (Xerox)

Administrative / Biographical History

The collection comprises of material created during the expedition.



Related Material

The Institute holds over fifty archival collections containing material relating to this expedition, these include collections for the following expedition members, GB 15 Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton, GB 15 Tannant William Edgeworth David, GB 15 Sir Philip Brocklehurst, GB 15 Bernard Day, GB 15 Ernest Joyce, GB 15 Alister Forbes-Mackay, GB 15 Douglas Mawson, GB 15 Eric Stuart Marshall, GB 15 Raymond Priestley, GB 15 John Robert Francis Wild, GB 15 Rupert England, GB 15 John King Davis, GB 15 Arthur Harbord, GB 15 Henry Dunlop, GB 15 Alfred Cheetham and GB 15 Frederick Price Evans.

In addition to theses collections the Institute also holds several other archival collections containing material relating to this expedition including GB 15 Herbert Asquith, GB 15 Enid Briggs, GB 15 Robert Falcon Scott, GB 15 Hugh Robert Mill, GB 15 Sir Clements Markham, GB 15 Joseph James Kinsey and GB 015 Leslie Quartermain.