Marriage Settlement: In Consideration of the Marriage to be Solomnised between the Parties

Scope and Content

1. Henry Thesiger Whiteman Daniell of 11 Rosary Gardens, London, esq.

2. Maud Edith Phibbs of 31 Upper Fitzwilliam St., Dublin, spinster.

3. Elizabeth Charlotte Bramston Smith of Fitzwilliam St., Dublin, widow, grandmother of the said Maud Edith Phibbs.

4. Robert Frederick Stewart Colvill of Coolock House, Arlane, co. Dublin and Francis Frederick Daniell of Manor House, Coates, co., Glos., esqs.

MARRIAGE SETTLEMENT in consideration of the marriage to be solemnised between the parties in 1 and 2 touching one undivided moiety of Pencraig.

Conditions Governing Access

Dim cyfyngiadau/ No Restrictions


Os gwelwch yn dda archebwch y dogfenau gan ddefnyddio y rhif cyfeirnod amgen (lle ddarperidd) / Please order documents using the alternative reference number (where provided)

Physical Characteristics and/or Technical Requirements

Cyflwr da/Good condition