Plates for Publication

Scope and Content

Plates and drawings made in preparation for publications. These are:

  • Fig. 1 The Malay Peninsula (Scale 1:6 000 000), pencil and ink drawing.
  • Fig. 2 The Isthmian tract, pencil and ink drawing
  • Two maps of Malaysia, printed with annotations.
  • Fig. 4 Part of the River Bujang, Kedah, and on reverse, Fig. 4. Plan of Kedah site 4. Printed with annotations.
  • Fig. 5. Plan of Kedah Site 5, and on reverse, Fig. 6. Plan of Kedah Site 6. Printed with annotations.
  • Fig. 6 Plan of Kedah Site 15, and on reverse, Fig. 12. Plan of Kedah Site 18. Printed with annotations.
  • Fig. 8. Plan of Kedah Site 12, and on reverse, Fig. 14. Basement or plinth mouldings of sanctuaries. Printed with annotations.
  • Part of Kedah, showing positions of the ancient sites, and on reverse, Fig. 1 Sketch map of Malaya. Printed with annotations.