Greater India Research Expedition Field Note Book, 1935

Scope and Content

A blue softcover journal. It contains pencil and ink notes and drawings about the journey of Quaritch Wales to the ancient cities in the Southern Thailand, such as Phra Nu [Nho?] in Phang Nga, Tung Tuk in Phang Nga, drawings of the Standing Buddha statue in Dvaravati style found in Wat Keu Chaiya (Suratthani). It also includes plans and drawings of many temples, such as Wat Sala Tung Chaiya, a drawing of the lotus on the top of stupa in Wat Maha That Chaiya, Wiang Sra (Sa Phra Narai) and a drawing of the standing Buddha which is similar to Gupta Buddha, a drawing of Siva shrine in Nakhon Sri Thammarat, and a drawing of the Vishnu statue found at Ho Phra Narai Nakhon Sri Thammarat.

Geographical Names