Greater India Research Expedition, Journal of Excavations 1935

Scope and Content

Journal, hardcover, blue/green, titled "Greater India Research Expedition, Journal of Excavations 1935, Also continuation of rough draft of 1937/9 results" containing notes in pencil and ink. Most of the work relates to the southern Thailand such as the excavation of Phra Nu [Nho], work at Tung Tuk, examination of K(ha)o Phra Narai on, work at Chaiya such as Wat Long, Wieng Sa, Nagara (Nakhon) Sri Thammarat, his journey from Trang to Pattalung. Also notes from museums such as Taiping Museum Malaysia, Rangoon Museum Burma, Colombo Museum Sri Lanka; notes on Parmantier in Cham art and archaeological researches on ancient Indian colonization in Malaya by H.G. Quaritch Wales in 1939.

Geographical Names