Scope and Content

  • 1. Minutes 23 June 1965- 9 November 2011
  • 2. AGM 1983-2010
  • 3. Chairman's Reports 1994-2010 [later in newsletter]
  • 4. Committee Membership lists 1991-2009
  • 5. Correspondence 1992-2011

Administrative / Biographical History

The first documented meeting of the Printmakers Council was held on 23 June [1965] at the FBA gallery with Michael Rothenstein as the acting Chair and Bernard Cheese, the Vice Chairman. Jennifer Dickson and Valerie Thornton were treasurer and secretary. A committee was elected comprising Anthony Gross, Merlyn Evans, Julian Trevelyan, Birgit Skiold, Stanley Jones, Alistair Grant and Gertrude Hermes. Prior to this formal meeting there had been an informal meeting held at Bertorelli's restaurant in Soho initiated by Michael Rothenstein and a document about the aims of the proposed organisation had been circulated.

The Printmakers Council, known as the AAD/2015/8 continued to be governed by an elected committee elected at annual meetings of members.