Sir William Turner: Correspondence

Scope and Content

Letters from Sir William Turner. Turner (1832-1916) was professor of anatomy at the University of Edinburgh from 1867 to 1903, and University Principal, 1903-1916. Turner was a leading expert in craniotomy, and constructed a detailed classification of humans according to an evolutionary schema. He advised Roth on cranial measurements of the Aboriginal Tasmanians.

/1 28 May 1897, discusses method of using shot; says would like to be considered as subscriber of the book.

/2 12 Dec 1908, thanks Roth for his book on Port Mackay. He does not believe Tasmanians were of "negrito" origin. Asks Roth for a sample of Tasmanian hair .

/3 16 Dec 1908, from Mr. Turner to H. Ling. Roth concerning the safe receipt of three packets of hair. He will examine the samples microscopically and compare them with Australian, Melanesian, Andaman , Bushmen and Negro hair. Thereafter the hair will be given to the University of Edinburgh anatomical museum