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Notebook entitled "Aborigines of Tasmania: Stephens' Tasm Half Castes". The volume is stamped "Manchester Geographical Society", but it is believed it was part of the Ling Roth archive. The notebook contains the draft of an article by Edward Stephens, which was published as "The Tasmanian half-castes of the Furneaux Islands", The Journal of the Manchester Geographical Society vol. 14, Oct-Dec. 1898, pp.355-360. The notes appear to be in Stephens' hand, and includes some text which was not published. There are some marginal comments (not by Roth). Stephens' describes the history and circumstances of the mixed-race Tasmanians who lived in the Furneaux Islands and their connections with Aboriginal Tasmanians. He argued that contemporary mixed-race inhabitants were long-established there and did not have strong associations with the Aboriginals removed from Tasmania in the 1830s.