Scope and Content

Envelope titled 'XXI Aborigines of Tasmania, Set of plates, 1-21 complete, of 1'1 Edition with extras 1,2,7,8,9,12,18 with notes. H. Ling Roth' Set of plates from 1est edition; I-XXI with copies for I, II, VII, VIII, IX, XII, XVIII, with attached notes.

Plate XXI - Stone implement.

Plate I - Example of plaiting.

Plate II - Example of plaiting.

Plate III - Example of plaiting.

Plate IV - Boat?

Plate V - Bag.

Plate VI - Burning campfires.

Plate VII - Tombs .

Plate VIII - Portrait of a male aborigine.

Plate IX - Portrait of a male aborigine.

Plate X - Bust of an aborigine.

Plate XI - Portrait of a male aborigine, with notes.

Plate XII - Portrait of a female aborigine.

Plate XIII - Portrait of a male aborigine.

Plate XIV - Side portrait of a male aborigine.

Plate XV - Aboriginal skulls.

Plate XVI - Aboriginal skull.

Plate XVII - Aboriginal brain.

Plate XVIII - Sections of hair.

Plate XIX - Aboriginal Tasmanian male skull.

Plate XX - Stone implements.