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From J. B. Walker to H. Ling Roth sends on some notes which thinks would be useful for the new edition of Aborigines of Tasmania. He believes Roth should alter his account of relations between Aborigines and colonists, and says most impartial account is Calder [James Erskine Calder (1808-1882), who wrote Some account of the wars, extirpation, habits etc. of the native tribes of Tasmania (1875).] Provides some notes on other authors, but does not want Roth to cite these in his book because "if some of the criticisms were traced to me, it might get me into trouble with people here". Concerning photographs of the Aboriginal Tasmanians, he thinks Woolley's are the best and Nixon's are less valuable because of the Western clothing. He queries if any English museums have specimens of Aboriginal Tasmanians.

Original reference W.9