Folder of illustrations and photographs

Scope and Content

A collection of photographs and illustrations, which Roth may have considered using in the second edition or which were used in the first edition. Includes /1 a drawing of kelp pitcher [The Aborigines of Tasmania, 142] , /2 a copy of engraving showing Tasmanian tombs [not used]; /3 a copy of an engraving of a native camp, from a sketch made by William Knight [not used]; /4 a copy of an engraving of native tombs; /5 illustration of male aborigine [The Aborigines of Tasmania facing page 17, /6 male aborigine facing page 25 drawings by E M Roth, based on Bock's drawings, /7-8 Two profiles of male aborigines heads, [not used], /9 illustration of Tasmanian canoe [not used] .