Bill of W Brunner - Coroner for the Central District

Scope and Content

For inquests on: Dec 30 1858 at Piddington, David Jarvis, carpenter; Jan 11 at Bicester, Ann Hadland, spinster; Jan 14 at Bladon, female infant child, not named, daughter of William Whitley, labourer; Jan 31 at Bicester, John Mortimer, mason; Jan 31 at Piddington, Elizabeth Franklin, wife of John Franklin, labourer; Feb 22 at Bladon, Stephen Danbury; Mar 2 at Headington Quarry, Harry Morris, son of William Morris, Headington Quarry, brickmaker; Mar 2 at Wolvercote, George Green, son of William Green, labourer; Mar 23 at Eynsham, Jane Knolden, widow of William, labourer; Mar 24 at Nuneham Courtney, William Betteridge, son of James Betteridge; Mar 28 at Culham, Harry Moss, son of Isaac Moss, deceased