Surveyors' and Clerk of Works' Papers

Scope and Content

Documents generated by the offices of the Surveyor to the Fabric and Clerk of Works concerning the maintenance of the fabric; decoration; internal rearrangements to the church floor; preservation and structural reinforcement; stonework repair and cleaning [theory and practice]; statuary and individual items of fabric; fire precautions; services [heating, temperature, humidity monitoring, lighting, sound reinforcement, access and egress, telephones, drainage and sewers, lifts and lavatories]. Also includes material on specific events, activities and organising bodies, such as the St Paul's Watch, evacuation of furnishings and war damage to St Paul's during the Second World War, structural and decorative projects including the furbishing and re-furbishing of Chapels and the insertion of a ring of bells and "Great Paul" in the western towers in the 19th century, and additions to, or removals from, the fabric including memorials, fittings and seasonal features.

The documents cover both the interior of the building and the historic churchyard, and include residences and buildings in the ownership of the Dean and Chapter. There is some coverage of consultation on buildings in the vicinity of the cathedral.