Notes for sermons and lectures on Christianity

Scope and Content

Including: `Three Studies of Conversion', `The Sting of Death', `Tempted - as we are', `2 Cor 8-9'(x2), `Peshawar', `All Souls: Home Missions', `Belfast 1 Cor. 16:9', `As the Father sent me, so send I you', `The Missionary Cutting', `Introductory Lecture', `Preaching Christianity in the Muslim World', `The Atonement', `Can I know God?', `Cambridge C. M. F.', `Violence' (x2), `Heb. 2:10', `What does Easter mean?', `Man's Rebellion', `The Law of God', `Ambition (Oriel Apr 1980), `Pharisee and Tax-Collector', `Synodical Government', `The Empty Tomb', `Joseph: The Distant Goal'.

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