Notes for sermons and lectures on Christianity

Scope and Content

Including: `One Faith for the World', `Comparative Religion', `The Long Search', `The Challenge to Christianity Today', `Is Christ the Only Way?', `Is Christ the Only Saviour', `Jesus Christ - The only way to God?', `Christianity and Islam: Some misunderstanding', `The Challenge of Islam', `Homerton', `B.I.F.C.U.', `C.I.C.C.U.', `1 Cor. 6:19-20 Fowlmere, Jan '48', `One Religion is as good as Another', `Bude O. A. 1957', `Histon Men's Meeting, 9 May', `O. A.', `Analysis. 1 Thess.', `B. Rs', `A Layman and his Prayer Book', `Phil. 2:12-13', `Personal work', `Nov' 47', `The Resurrection: Fact or Fable?', `How to enjoy a N.T. Book', `The Missionary Call in the Acts of the Apostles', `Comparative religion', `The Moslem World Today', `Islam is the only one of the great religions', `The evidence for the Resurrection', `Bible Society, 1959', `Jesus general', `Proverbs 16:32', `Last Sunday Trinity tho' Coronation', `Prayer Breakfast'.

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