Notes for sermons and lectures on Christianity

Scope and Content

Including: `All Souls', `The Christian and Witness Today', `Archbishop', `Parable of Virgins', `Law and Order', `Pharisee and (former) Prostitute', `Christ - The one for others', `Affluence and the Christian', `Doctrinal Development about Jesus Christ', `Christian Witness - Its Wider Application', `2 Cor. 8-9 Fowlmere and St. Paul's', `Phil. 3:7-14', `The Christian and his Standards', `What think ye ... What will you do ...?', `Fellowship', `Why I believe in the Resurrection', `Wadham 2 Cor. 8-9', `The Content of Faith', `1 Timothy 1:15', `Does Life Make Sense?', `After conversion - what?', `Faith in the Eighties', `Luke 15', `Business Men', `Barriers to the Gospel Today ...'.

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