Notes for sermons and lectures on Christianity

Scope and Content

Including: `God's word for God's World', `Can there be dialogue between Christianity and other faiths?', `John 10:9', `Can a Twentieth Century an Believe?', `The Lord of Life', `Rom. 6:23', `Bible and other Holy Books', `D. J. March Christian Graduate', `MMG Annual', `CCU Missionary', `Valedictory, Belfast', `Do all roads (ideologies, religions) lead to God?', `Henry Martyn', `SOAS Gal. 4:4-5', `No other Name', `Do all Religions lead to God?', `Is Christianity Unique?', `The Great Eastern Religions', `The Uniqueness of Jesus Christ', `Contemporary Attitudes - Christian Answers', `Christianity: A Unique and Exclusive Revelation?', `The Church faces the Challenge', `Comparative Religion', `The Challenge of Rival Faiths'.

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