Notes for sermons and lectures on Christianity

Scope and Content

Including: `Can education replace Christianity?', `1 Pet. 1:23', `Mat. 16:24', `The Second Coming (Fowlmere)', `Education Squash', `I.V.F. Annual', `L.I.F.C.U.', `Pastoral Responsibility', `Eph. 3:7', `Christianity: Intellectual Suicide?', `Temple', `St John's College, Oxford, 1974', `The Facts of the Matter (O.I.C.C.U. 1976)', `As the Father sent me so send I you', `The Saviour of the World. What is Christianity?', `The Faith of a Layman', `Blood of Christ', `Deity of Christ', `"Christ, the Lord of the Mind", Is Christianity Reasonable?', `Christ and our Vocations', `His faithfulness', `Alive for Evermore? Did J. really rise from the Dead?', `The Jesus of History - a Lawyer's view' (x2), `The Power of the Bible', `The Bible and National Life'.

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