Notes for sermons and lectures on Christianity

Scope and Content

Including: `All Soul's Aug 31 1980', ` What does the Cross mean to me?', `Bournemouth IV', `Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me', `The Problem of Suffering: Why does God allow it?', `Colossians 3:13', `Personal Witness', `Romans 12:6-8', `The Authority of the Incarnate Lord', `Remembrance Day', `Corpus Christi College, Oxford', `Mother's Sunday', `Bible Reading (OICCU) To Every Nation', `Jesus Christ Superstar or Saviour?', `Convention: General Subject `The Doctrine and work of the H. S.', `It speaks of a Saviour who Prays', `Phil 4:10-13', `Whitsun'(x2), `All Souls 1 Jun 1975', `Philippians 1:27-30', `Justification by Faith', `The Problem suffering', `Aids for Living: Can I stay the course?'

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