Exchange and Confirmation

Scope and Content

Exchange, 23 Sep 1303.

(i) Thomas de Medmenham.

(ii) John Baudewyne of Olneswyke and Matilda, his wife.

2 acres of arable land in Olneswyke and one lying in Six Hakeres between the lands of (ii) and the other lying in Wdescrofte between the lands of (ii) in exchange for lands in La Brochende in Monks Risborough.

Witnesses: Reginald de Hampdene, John Lovechyn, John de Reynham, William Queyntel, Nicholas Paulyn, clerk.

Confirmation, n.d. (c.1303).

(i) John Baudewyn of Oldneswycke.

(ii) Hugh at Grene, Elys Prat, Agnes, wife of Thomas Dirad, Andrew atte Oke.

Confirmation by (i) as lord, of exchanges of land in Pufforlonges, Aldwycke, Lampnac, Monks Risborough, between (ii) and Thomas de Medmenham.

Witnesses: John atte Lude, Geoffrey de Hugenden, James Frecel, Hugh le Mareschall and William Queynterel.


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