Scope and Content

Feoffment, 21 Dec 1337.

(i) Henry Baudewyne of Ulneswicke.

(ii) John Godman of Longewike, smith.

Lands in the east of Longewike common between the headland of le Merschforlonge and half lying next to Le Breche which is half in the fief of Earls Risbororough and half in Monks Risborough.

Witnesses: Edmund Renham, John atte Forde, Henry Morton, Henry le Mason of Ulneswyke, Henry Yue.

Feoffment, 13 Oct 1368.

(i) John Baudewyn of Ulneswyk.

(ii) William Godman, smith, of Longwyk and Clara, his wife.

1/2 and acre of arable land as above.

Witnesses: John Reynham, William Morton, John Ataford, Henry Yue, Henry Mason.

Feoffment, 06 May 1330.

(i) Henry son of Richard le Newe of Longewyke.

(ii) John Lovekyn and Clara, his wife and Henry Baudewyn.

1/2 an acre of land in Mersforlonge, lying next Le Mereweye.

Witnesses: John de Renham, John ate Forde, Geoffrey ate Forde, Henry de Morton, Nicholas Paulyn, Henry le Mason of Ulneswyke.


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