Mortgage in 60s.

Scope and Content

(i) David ap Kenwrik ap Gwillim.

(ii) Madoc ap Lewelin.

Messuage in Dyttondifferth, all (i)'s share in lands at Potewell, 2 selions of land in Trauseolir, and all (ii)'s share in lands in Stungweford.

Term: 12 years.

Witnesses: Iorwerth ap Ithel, Howel Pikehull, Madoc his brother, David Goch, Morgant ap Iorwerth ap Gronw, Howel Vychan ap Howel ap Lewelin, Howel ap Madoc ap Griffith, Howel Vychan ap Howel Wydel, Iorwerth ap Madoc ap Heilin.


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