Scope and Content

(i) Sir John Trevor of Trevallin [Trevallyn], co. Denbigh, Knight, Sir Thomas Trevor of Enfield, co. Middlesex, Knight and Baronet, son and heir apparent of Sir Thomas Trevor, Knight, one of the Barons of the Exchequer, Sir John Parsons of Langley Maris, co. Bucks., Knight, Daniel Fox of Westminster, esq., John Worden of Burton, co. Chester, esq., Rowland Jewkes of the Inner Temple, London, esq. and John Hardy, gent., servant of Sir John Trevor.

(ii) Abraham Perrott of Barking, London, gent.

Manor of Oldwick, co. Bucks.

Term: 80 years.

Rent: nil.

Consideration: £1,000.


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