Scope and Content

(i) John son of Robert de Stapellegh.

(ii) Richard le Baylif.

3 acres of land in a place called Rydleylannde, Dytton Brayn between the land of (ii) on the south, and the land of John son of Roger le Rede on the west and one end extending to the tenement of John de Travene on the west and to the lands of William le Cotyler on the north.

Witnesses: John de Eggerton, steward of Bromfield and Yale, William de Eyton, Constable of the castle, Madoc ap Hoel Grach, raglot of the bailiwick of Merford, John de Bourghale, Iorwerth de Horton, William Cleriet, bailiffs of Leons, Ithel son of Hona le Letle.


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