Scope and Content

(i) Gruffith Lloit ap Madoc ap David ap Eden'.

(ii) David ap Madoc ap David goch.

Land as in D/PT/380 (2 parcels of land, the first lying between the lands lately held by Iorweth Voell and those held by Gronw goch and extending in length from the street in Llay to a place called Pentre Ffynnon y Llay, and the other lying between the land of Gruffith ap David Lloit ap Iorwerth ap Hona and that of Madoc Tegyn ap Madoc ap David and extending in length from the land of Ieuan ap Hoell Phull to the land called Llwyn Francked in Bourton).

Witnesses: Gruffith Vachan ap Madoc ap Iorwerth, David his brother, Iorwerth Lloit, Iorwerth ap Bady, Gruffith ap Ieuan ap G'.


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