Copy Court Roll

Scope and Content

Admittance of David ap John ap Ithell as tenant of 2 acres of Crown land in the manor of Cobham, the first called Y Lloyne, lying in length between the land of John Rodon called Croft Ieuan and the road from Gresford to Marford and in breadth from a wall called Pant olwyn to the lands of said John, called Lloyn Eignion, and the second lying in length from the land of Thomas ap Iollyn ap Ieuan and Gruffith ap David Chwith to the land of Jollyn Lloyd, and in breadth from a road called Strete Cokes to the land of said Griffith, and three parts of 2 acres called Pwll Selyn between the lands of John Pylleston and those of Thomas ap Jollyn and in length from the said road called Stret Cokes to the lands lately held by Madoc ap Heoll Cragh, and lands lately held by Katerine verch Jankyn and Ieuan Tegyn in Gresford and Alynton [Allington].

Rent: 25s.


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