Feoffment and Quitclaims

Scope and Content

Feoffment, 09 Jul 1363.

(i) Thomas de Medmenham.

(ii) John Baudewyne of Olneswyke.

10 acres of arable land in Olneswyk, 5 acres of which lie at Le Popiler between the lands of (ii) and the King's highway to Longewyk, one acre lying on the said common between the land of (ii) and the fief of Princes Risborough and 3 acres lying in Le Langeland between the land of (ii) on both sides and one acre lying in Le Herdelond between the land of (ii) and the land of John Thomas.

Witnesses: William de Saundresdon, William atte Ponde, Henry Yne, William Morton of Lalongewyke, Richard Chamberleyn of the same.

Quitclaim, 16 Jul 1363.

(i) Emma once the wife of Thomas Medmenham of Monks Risborough.

(ii) John Baudewyne of Olneswyke.

Property as above.

Quitclaim, 19 Jul 1363.

(i) Thomas Medmenham.

(ii) John Baudewyne.


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