Scope and Content

(i) Cadugon ab Iorwerth ap Cadugon.

(ii) Maddoc ab Llewelin ab Griffith and Angharat vechan, his wife.

Property as in D/PT/306 (Moiety of inheritance in Ditton Differth).

Witnesses: Master Anian, vicar of Ryuabon [Ruabon], Master Gwyn, vicar of Wrecsam, Iorwerth ab Goronw ab Iorwerth, Iorwerth and Morgant, his sons, Edneved goch ab Kenwric, Iorwerth, Gruffyd and Goronw, sons of David ab Goronw, Iorwerth ab Llewelin ab Madoc, Llewelin ap Griffith, Iorwerth and Howel, his sons.


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