Annotated typescripts, mainly of Ray Strachey's diary and letters

Scope and Content

8 bundles. Consists of:

a) Diary (1902-1910; 1912-29).

b) Letters (1905-1940).

c) Letters from Ray to M. (believed to be Mary Berenson, Ray's mother) when Barbara was in Vienna (1928-29).

d) Letters from Barbara to Ray and M. when Barbara was in Vienna (annotated; incomplete.

d) Letters to Carey (1907-1912;1912-28).

e) Conversations (1909).

f) Oliver's letters to Ray (1911).

g) Letter to family (1918)

h) Letters to MB (Mary Berenson) (1919)

i) M's (Mary Berenson) life of Ray (1911-28).

k) Virginia Woolf's Diary entry for 24 Jul 1940.