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Scope and Content

Includes articles by Ray Strachey on Millicent Garrett Fawcett, Emmeline Pankhurst, socialism, women's employment, women's education, America.

List of titles:

Folder One:

12 Apr 1935, 'What shall I be?'

1935, 'Survey: census of England and Wales 1931, Housing Report and Tables'. Published 1935. Proof copy from Political Quarterly.

c.1935, 'The Next Step in Education'. Proof copy from Political Quarterly.

c.1935, 'Marriage and Divorce'. Proof Copy Political Quarterly.

c.1935, 'Survey. Road Traffic Accidents'. Proof Copy.

c.1935, 'Women's Suffrage'. Article for Encyclopaedia Britannica.

1927, 'Woman and her Status considered as an influence on History'. Article for Harmsworth Encyclopaedia.

1928, 'Women in History'. Article for Encyclopaedia Britannica

1936, 'Misgivings about Socialism', draft and copy, with letter to Mrs Strachey from Reynold's Illustrated News, 1 Jan 1936.

c.1930, 'Dame Millicent Garrett Fawcett', Entry for a book of reference detailing her life.

c.1930, 'Emmeline Pankhurst', Entry for a book of reference detailing her life.

c.1930, 'The Coming Education Plan'

Jul1936, 'The New Philanthropy'. Article discussing book by Elizabeth Macadam. Published in The Lancet.

Dec 1934, 'Memorandum on the Increasing Employment of Women'. Issued by the London and National Society for Women's Service.

c.1930, 'Should Married Women Work?'

Jan 1928, 'Rural Electricity'. Article accepted by The Spectator.

Jul 1934, 'Millicent Garrett Fawcett'. Contributed to 'Great Democrats'.

c.1910, 'Impressions of America'.

c.1926,'Women and the Coal Strike in England'.

c. 1920, 'Family Relations - On Getting Engaged'.

Oct 1929, 'Women in Politics'.

c.1931, 'Women and Babies in India'.

c.1930, 'Lady Astor MP and her Constituency'.

c.1919, 'Equal Pay for Equal Work'.

c.1919, 'Women's Work and Wages'.

c.1920s, 'The Inter Allied Conference'. Article for Common Cause.

1919, 'Women and Strikes'.

1Jan 1919, 'Position in Engineering Trades and Women Workers'.

14 Mar 1919, 'In a Convoy Camp. QMAAC [Queen Mary's Army Auxiliary Corps] Somewhere in France'.

Feb.1919, 'Paris'.

c. 1920, 'Should Girls 'Treat' Boys?'.

c.1919, 'The Women with the Army of Occupation'.

26 Mar 1919, 'Should wives be paid wages?'.

26 Mar 1919, 'Restoration of Trade Union Practices Bill'. Article for Common Cause.

c.1919, 'Women's Service to the Empire'.

c.1919, 'Public Meetings'.

c.1919, 'Holidays'.

c.1919, 'Report of the War Cabinet Committee on Women in Industry'.

c.1919, 'Municipal Laundries'.

23 Jan 1919, 'Out Door Homes'.

30 Jun 1919, 'Do Married Women Work?'.

c.1919 'Should Married Women Work?'.

1 Jul 1919 'The Housing Problem in England'.

4 Jul 1919 'Women's Part Time Work'.

Jun 1919, 'The Organisation of Women's Labour'. Marked 'For insertion in The Organiser'.

c.1919, 'And After Us - The Deluge'.

22 Sep 1919, 'The Need for Women's Colleges'. With accompanying letter to Mr Moore.

c.1919, 'Houseroom'.

c.1919, 'Strikes and Households'.

c. 1919, 'Disabled Soldiers and Women Workers'.

c.1919, 'Should the Rich Work?'.

c.1919, 'Thoughts in a Passport Office'.

c.1919, 'Open the Windows' - two versions and manuscript notes.

c.1919, 'Work'.

c.1919, 'Middle Aged Women'.

c.1919, 'Female Demobilization'.

c.1919, 'Municipal Elections'.

c.1919, 'Help the Self-supporting Women in Industry'.

c.1919, 'The Choice of a Party'.

c.1919, 'Women's Colleges'.

c.1919, 'Workers without Work and Work without Workers'.

c.1919, 'Women in Engineering Works'.

c.1919, 'Heads of Families'.

Folder Two:

28 Nov 1919, 'Womanly Politics' - several versions.

c.1919, 'Educated Women'.

c.1919, 'Equal Pay for Equal Work'.

Jan 1932, Typescript copy of an article on Mrs Pankhurst for the Dictionary of National Biography. With related correspondence and notes by Kathleen Pepper, Christabel Pankhurst, Ada Gredon Bach and Ray Strachey.

c.1919, 'Are you a Republican or a Democrat?'.

c.1919, 'Thoughts in a Passport Office'.

Feb 1920, 'Equality of Men and Women in Industrial Life'. For Dental Mechanics Journal.

27 Feb 1920, 'Women and the Skilled Trades' by Mrs Oliver Strachey, press cutting of article in Daily Herald.

c.1919, 'Women Police'.

c.1928, 'The Women's Victory - and After. Review of Personal Reminiscences' by Millicent Garrett Fawcett.

c.1919, 'Women and Sense'.

18 Mar 1921, Suggestions for a weekly women's column in The Observer.

22 Jan 1919, 'Girls at Work'.

c.1919, 'After Effects of the War on Women's Employment'.

28 Jan 1919, 'Women and the Law'.

17 Jun 1919, 'Divorce'.

4 Feb 1919, 'What is happening to the Munition Girls?'. With manuscript notes

1918, 'Armistice'.

c.1919, 'The Choice of a Party'.

c.1919, 'The Housing Problem in Iceland'.

c.1919, 'Holidays'.

c.1919, 'Female Demobilization'.

c.1919, 'Women and Strikes'.

c.1919, 'Direct Action by Housewives'.

c.1919, 'Impressions of Paris - by Mrs Oliver Strachey delegate from Great Britain to the Conference of Suffrage Societies of Allied Countries'.

c.1919, 'A New Disease'.

c.1919, 'Women and the Law'.

c.1919, 'Organising our Households'.

May 1923, 'American Women in Politics'.

c.1919, 'Work of the Health Committee of the League of Nations'.

c.1921, 'Traffic in Women and Children'.

c.1919, 'Observations of a Political Woman'.

c.1919, 'Married Women and Money Worries'.

c.1919, 'Winter Exercise'.

c.1919, 'Morals of Today'.

Aug 1934, 'Are there too many University Women?'. Article for The Spectator.

May 1923, 'American Women and American Political Parties'. Article for Manchester Guardian.

16 May 1923, 'Parallel Politics'. Article for the Woman Citizen with letter, Mrs Oliver Strachey, Gordon Square to Miss Roderick, New York.

c.1920, Untitled article for Manchester Guardian by Mrs Oliver Strachey.

c.1920, Untitled article.

10 Feb 1920, Letter: Mrs Oliver Strachey to Mrs Cornelia Stevenson, Editorial Rooms, Philadelphia Public Ledge. Asking if they would be interested in receiving a weekly article from her on Social Reform Politics in England.

c. 1920, 'Parliamentary Notes'. 'Common Cause' written at top in pencil.

c. 1920, 'Equality of Men and Women in Industrial Life' by Mrs Oliver Strachey.

c. 1920, 'Women and the Skilled Trades'. '92 Fleet Street EC4' written at top of page.

c. 1920, 'Workers without work and work without workers' by Mrs Oliver Strachey.

c. 1920, 'The Coming Education Bill' by Mrs Oliver Strachey.

c. 1920, 'Travel in Southern Italy'.

c. 1920, ' Edith Cavell'.

c. 1920, 'Frances Mary Buss and Dorothea Beale - Two Great Headmistresses'.

c. 1920, 'What Should be the Foreign Policy of America?'.

1923, 'Des Moines 1923'.

c. 1920, ' What is the use of Women's Organisations'. Article sent to New York.

c. 1920, 'Unpopular Politics'. Article sent to New York.

c.1920, 'Women and Party politics'. Article sent to New York.

May 1823, 'American Women in Politics - being observations of an English Political Woman'. Article stamped 'Please return to Curtis Brown Ltd New York City'. With manuscript notes.

c. 1920, 'Women in the Civil Service'.

c. 1920, 'Pre-War Conditions'.

c. 1920, 'Municipal Elections'.

c. 1920, 'Sidelights'.

c. 1920, 'The Health of Mothers'.

Aug 1936, 'The Need for Collective Security'. Article sent to CS Monitor.