Volume of lecture notes delivered by Principal J McCall, F R C V S.

Scope and Content

Inscription on first page reads : "Pathology, Medicine & Surgery Lectures delivered by Principal J McCall, F R C V S. Joshua Bruce. Glasgow Vet College". These are handwritten notes. Includes notes on diseases of cattle and sheep, for example inflammation, diseases of the feet, (navicular arthritis, laminitis, corns, canker, sand crack, false quarter, keratoma, puncture of the foot, tread or overreach, quittor, sidebone, ringbone, disease of gramidal process of pedal bone, villitis); diseases of joints, disease of synovial membrane, treatment of arthritis; diseases of the nervous system -phrenitis, hydatids in brain, encephalitis, hydrocephalus, apoplexy, megrins, hernia cerebra, spinal cord, locomotor ataxy, paralysis, paraplegia, hoose, or husk in calves; bacteria; bacilli; ostitis; anaemias; diseases of blood vessels; diseases of the lungs - pneumonias and pleurisy. The notes are fair copies in ink to page 130. From 131 to 181 the notes are in pencil and handwriting is more difficult to read.