Melville Letters and Papers II

Scope and Content

Letters and papers relating to the mutiny of officers in the Madras army (1809, numbers 1-3); Captain Milliken Craig, a senior officer of the East India Company (1799-1811, numbers 4-24); cadetships in the East India Company and appointments (1789-1822, numbers 25-61).

Numbers 62-91 are miscellaneous letters and documents (1789-1847), including:

  • Cursory Remarks Respecting India (a manuscript treatise endorsed Mr [Jacob] Bosanquet [Chairman of the East India Company], June 1808);
  • Precis of the Correspondence between the President of the Board of Control and the Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the East India Company (1807-1810);
  • Index of Subjects to the Catalogue of Lord Melville's Miscellaneous East India Correspondence.