Melville Miscellaneous Correspondence: Calendars and Indexes I

Scope and Content

The volume contains various of calendars of documents and precis of correspondence:

  • Calendar of letters from India (pp. 1-5);
  • Calendar of plans, narratives, etc. (pp. 6-18);
  • Calendar of letters from China (pp. 19-20);
  • Calendar of letters from St Helena and the Cape of Good Hope (pp. 21-24);
  • Calendar of many miscellaneous letters and papers (pp. 25-40);
  • Precis of sundry private letters (pp. 41-52);
  • Memoranda (precis of correspondence) from Mr Secretary [Henry] Dundas to William Pitt, 1800 (pp. 52-120);
  • Memoranda of private letters on various subjects (pp. 121-188);
  • Memorandum from Mr [Henry] Dundas to the Chairman [of the EIC], 1800 (pp. 189-192);
  • Memoranda from Mr [Henry] Dundas to William Pitt, 1801 (pp. 193-200).