Jane Young Moveable T-Time at RCA Photographs, transparencies, negatives, photocopied images and promotional images for 'The Moveable T-Time Chair'

Scope and Content

Press cutting and photographs from Time Out magazine February 7-14th 1996, p48 with Moveable Chair photograph, correspondence from Claire Catterall, curator of Design of The Times; One hundred Years of The Royal College of Art, 7th February-20 March 1996 regarding displaying of Jane Young's Moveable T-Time 1968, The Art of Colouring The Office silk screen prints for Sottsass at Olivetti Milan 1971, Cometa Kite Light 1972, Butterfly Papillion Lights 1977, Jobber Chair 1981, Tallo Sandbag Light 1972. Letterhead graphics by Patrick Frean of First Eleven Studio Ltd. Jane Young diagram 1967 showing how four fixed Moveable Chair seats can be rotated to allow for individual and group seat arrangements / directions.