Scope and Content

Assorted eclectic papers pertaining to the Scriptural Knowledge Institute and people connected with it. One paper is a photocopy of a 'Narrative of Facts' referring to Mr Müller, and sets out such statistics as the number of orphans passing through the Müller Orphan Houses 1836-1897 (9,844), the number of Bibles (281,652) and other scriptual tracts (111,489,067) circulated globally, as well as the fact that missionaries funded by the Institute have worked in 42 countries and Mr Müller himself has travelled to 21 countries in his capacity of missionary. The paper also mentions the transfer of pupil teachers from the orphan houses to the mission schools, presumably such as Purton school. Other papers include transcripts of the sermons of Mr Bennet of Yoevil dated 1906 and those of Mr Bergin, James Wright, and Mr Bennet dated 1887-1890. There is also a bundle of photocopies of letters to Mr Wright and Miss Müller, some of which include accounts and issues concerned business and property, as well as mentions of a 'Home for the Aged and Dying', which presumably was also funded by the Scriptural Knowledge Institute.