Scope and Content

Large bundle of treasury tagged correspondence and related documents pertaining to the running of the schools. A large section of the correspondence is between Dr Bergin, Alf E Green and Mr Buttrum and deals with expenses, the paying of teachers and other employees, provision for retired teachers, and the upkeep of the school buildings and their rent. Some discuss whether it is possible to keep some of the schools open, due to the lack of funds. Much of the correspondence relates to the monthly accounts of expenses sent between Dr Bergin and Mr Buttrum. There are several letters between these three men and teachers, negotiating salary raises and pension rates. A series of letters debates whether married women with working husbands are entitled to a pension or a rent allowance, deciding in the negative. Many of the letters imply that money must be saved whereever it can be. Much correspondence about the general progress of the schools, their output and their needs such as repairs (some of which are denied due to lack of funds), as well as the hiring of teachers and, in one case, a directress. One teacher, Lydia, sends Dr Bergin several updates on the progress of the pupils at one school. Some letters discuss missionary work in Italy and the need to encourage local Italian Brethren to conduct the work and provide outreach services, rather than British missionaries. There is also a newspaper cutting from 1928 describing the reintroduction of religious education into Italian schools under Mussolini's fascists, and a letter from Dr Bergin about it.