Circulars and Letters

Scope and Content

A collection of circular pamphlets concerned with various ideological and doctrinal issues. There is a copy of The Believer's Pathway, a magazine purporting to be for Bible students and Christian workers, dated 1923, as well as an open circular letter to Edward G. Mauger and others about the split among the Brethren in 1848, and also pamphlets entitled the sixty-fifth and sixty-sixth 'Record of the Lord's Work on the Blackdown Hills (Devon and Somerset) for the years 1948-1952'. These latter circulars detail the activities of the community in this area, recording deaths and events of note, as well as those members of the community engaged in missionary work in various places, such as India and Nigeria. Also included is a letter (1879) and an extract from an address (1904), both written by James Wright, both concerned with carrying out religous duties. There is a letter from 1978 from Ken Hyland to Jack J. Rose concerned with materialism and its place within doctrine and the writings of the Scriptural Knowledge Institute, with an enclosed pamphlet by a Rev A.B Simpson on the ways to find true enlightenment. The letter notes the need to champion the reasons for Müller's undertaking the 'orphan work', as this might have a 'profound effect' upon people who are too concerned with materialism. There is a large bundle of letters in an envelope labelled 'Letters Pertaining to "wine" as used in the Lord's Supper 1904'. This is a series of correspondence on the place of wine in scripture and its meaning for the lives of those who live Christian lives. The letters contain arguments both for and against the consumption of alchoholic wine and for and against the idea that Jesus was abstinent. Also enclosed in this bundle are pamphlets such as one entitled 'Jesus Christ, A Total Abstainer' in favour of abstinence and others in favour of the consumption of wine.