Volume 1: "Selected Songs"

Scope and Content

Printed copies of "Morfydd Owen: Memorial Edition", published by the Anglo-French Music Co. Ltd. in 1924. A selection of songs written between 1916 and 1918: In Cradle Land (Eos Gwalia); William (Eric Hiller); The Weeping Babe (Katherine Tynan); He Prayeth best who Lovest best (S. T. Coleridge); Jesus, tender Saviour (Anon); Mister Rain (R. Aldington); When I came last to Ludlow (A. E. Houseman); An Irish Lullaby (Anon); God made a lovely Garden (Mabel Spence); A Noontide Lullaby (Ethel Newman); Speedwell (A. Eversley). One hardback and two paperback copies. Also contains a composition chronology.