"Translation of Arabic Charms"

Scope and Content

Copies of official documents and letters:

  • Appointment to act as Govt. Agent in 1836
  • Translates of suspected Arabic and Persian Papers intercepted on disaffected Arabs
  • Letter to Hon'ble J. Sullivan on Public Instruction
  • Memorandum on Govt. Education Madras Presidency
  • Minute to A.D. Campbell, Res. Men College Board
  • Extract Minute of Consultation Captn Rowlandson Service Government Agent at Chepauk
  • Notes as Persian Interpreter on words Arabic [Mookher]
  • Memorandum Case Azeem on Aifa Begum and Supreme Court
  • To Private Secretary Madras university
  • Memo on Guardian ship of Niwaub
  • Abstract Hon'ble Court of Directors Orders of September 2nd 1846
  • Examination in Persian Military Officers

From verso: "Translation of Arabic Charms", "Remarks on Mahomedans of S India", Abstract of lending axioms of Mahomedan Law", "Abstact of political Relations of British India with native tribes etc.", "Abstract of land principles Mahomedan law. - titles of articles listed in verso of book which contains these and further articles and notes regarding British India and translations.

Handwritten leather bound journal. Several items were inserted into the journal. These have been removed in order to preserve them better, but their original locations are marked within the journal.

  • 1. Hindustani Examination May-1861. Paper No. 2, 1 item
  • 2. Memo of supposed casualties discovered from 8 Decr 1842 to 8 Aug 1846, 1 item
  • 3. Notes and tables concerning Rowlandson's work including "!Tabular Statemnt of Reports and Letters dispatched by Several Gov agents and Paymaster [ ] Stipends at Chepauk... ", "Statement of Service" for M J Rowlandson, 8 items.
  • 4. Newspaper cutting from The Circulator and address label, 2 items
  • 5. Letter to Lieutenant Campbell recommending Arabic works, dated 8 December 1848, 1 item
  • 6. "Mahomedans and their habits and languages and laws...", 1 item
  • 7. Letter to Rowlandson to thank for books sent, handwritten, dated 19 August 1946; and note concerning document No. 604, 8 December 1843; 2 items

Geographical Names