International Bureau file 3 of 1968 (File G)

Scope and Content

Excluding conference papers and reports: includes correspondence with officers and representatives of constituent national organisations. Also includes: IB agenda for one-day conference on 16 July 1968, and statement supporting IB's application for NGO consultative status with Council of Europe (1968); correspondence of Richard Russell with FAI, Mrs Wanda Grabinsky, Dame Joan Vickers (president of IBSTP), Équipes d'Action contre la traite des femmes et des enfants (France), British National Conference on Social Welfare, Instituto des Obras Sociales, the United Nations and others; and publications including the bulletin bimestrial No 125, Conseil National des femmes Belges (1968), Moral and Social Hygiene Review,

Volume 1, No 1, Association for Moral & Social Hygiene India (1967), and Social Health News, ASHA (1968)