Geneva Conference 1965

Scope and Content

Papers 4/1965. Annotated copies of papers given at the conference of International Bureau, Geneva, May 25-26, 1965 on: The United Nations Convention and the International Bureau; a programme of social defence; abolitionist policies and their problems; France since 1960 - measures against traffic and exploitation; Spanish problems and progress 1962-1965; re-socialisation and re-education in Spain; re-socialisation patterns and problems; a positive programme for the prevention of traffic in persons; and 'The White Slave Trade' by Sean O'Callaghan

- paper by H Ruygers, Professor of Philosophy, of Culture and Social Work, Mijmegen (the Netherlands) on international conventions a nd national peculiarities

- Spanish problems and progress 1962-1965 by M Tallada

- Abolitionist policies and their problems by R Russell

- France since 1960: measures against traffic and exploitation by JG Mancini

- A programme of social defence by WG Grabinska