Notes relating to British Archaeological Report 620: "The Romans in Huddersfield: a new assessment"

Scope and Content

Folder 1

Notes on late dated pottery

Folder 2

Correspondence with Paul Bidwell and his comments on selected late dated items

Folder 3

Water supplies to Slack Roman fort and vicus


Press cutting of Brian Hartley excavating the Roman road (Trench RI)

Locating Hartley trench TI on the later geophysics (2006)


Summary of Roman coin finds in the vicinity of Slack (DGB)


Notes on the vintage images of Slack held in the Kirklees Archive and also in the glass slide collection of the Yorkshire Archaeological Society


Pre-publication exhibition at the Heritage Quay to demonstrate HDAS work with emphasis on the 2007-08 and 2010 excavations in the vicus at Slack.


Publicity for the Heritage Quay exhibition and BAR620 on 19th August in the Huddersfield Examiner. (Article drafted by DGB)


Publicity for a dubious book (Pennine Dragon) that claims to identify Slack Roman fort as King Arthur's Camelot. Coverage in Yorkshire Post & Examiner.


Press notice from HDAS to announce an increase in the Slack scheduled monument granted by Historic England as from 01.04.2016. (No April joke.)

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