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This is a summary of the archive material donated by Mr. John E. H. Spaul of Andover who was involved in archaeological excavations at the Slack Roman Fort in 1962-3. This work was undertaken jointly by the Tolson Memorial Museum and the Heath Grammar School, Halifax under the direction of J K T Hunter and J E H Spaul.

[Papers received by post 29.10.2010. and this summary prepared November 2010 by Gerrie Brown.]

Published material.

Yorkshire Archaeological Journal. vol. 42 1967. Extract of pages 74 to 97

Yorkshire Archaeological Journal. vol. 42 1967. Copy of pages 80 to 86

Huddersfield in Roman Times. I A Richmond 1925. Handbook IV Tolson Memorial Museum Publications.

(with annotations by John Spaul)

Catalogued notes

Correspondence with Keith [? J. K. T. Hunter ?] together with a hand written draft of pages 80-86 of YAJ

Typed draft of the above.

Colour slides 35 mm.

Eight assorted slides which will be scanned and digitalized.

x 2 trench A across fort rampart, x 3 trench C (not identified) and x 3 of bath house.


Letters from Eric Birley (Durham) 29.05.1962

R. P. Wright (The Roman Inscriptions of Britain) (Durham) 07.06.1962

R. P. Wright (The Roman Inscriptions of Britain) (Durham) 04.07.1962

All concerning tracings of inscriptions on tiles found at Slack - together with two sheets of tracings.

[See also plate X Yorkshire Archaeological Journal. vol. 42 1967 facing page 94.]

Other items

Hand written notes on rustic ware from kilns at North Hykeham and Lee near Gainsborough.

Schematic diagram of the Roman road network from Chester to York.

Diagram of the s.east corner of the fort and bath house with four trench locations on plan. [pdf 10]

Plan and section drawings of trenches A, B, C and D at 0.5 inch : 1 foot. [pdf 11 to 19]

Perspective drawing of trench D - eastern end of the stoke hole for heating the hottest room of the bath house. [pdf 20 & 21]

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