Rzhechitskaia, Valentina Ivanovna (married name Smith; 1897-1978)

Scope and Content

V I Rzhechitskaia (Smith): Russian & French education, travel, professional, official, financial etc documents (Krasninskaia zhenskaia gimnaziia, Krasnyi, Smolenskaia guberniia; Petrogradskii uchebnyi okrug; Rossiiskoe vitse-konsul'stvo v Belgrade (including photograph in Russian nurse's uniform); Association des infirmières de la Croix Rouge Russe ancienne organisation; J Marchak (Marshak); Emigrantskii komitet (V A Maklakov); J M Delano; Association pour l'assistance aux réfugiés russes infirmes; Office des réfugiés russes; Légation du Chili, Paris (J M Delano); etc), 1912-1962 1-29. Receipt issued to M P Ivanova by Spasopreobrazhenskii pervoklassnyi Valaamskii monastyr', 1932 30.

Access Information

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