Amputation notebook

Scope and Content

Notebook belonging to Jefferson titled 'Notes on Amputation Cases'. Consists of case notes taken by Jefferson while working at 2nd Western General Hospital, based in Whitworth Street, Manchester, where he worked from June 1917-April 1918. These notes concern individuals wounded and amputated in the War then transferred to the hospital in Manchester. The notes include name, age and occupation of patient and at which site of the hospital they were resident, as the 2nd Western General had a number of sites. The notes then give the date the patient was wounded, the date of amputation, and if relevant, the date of re-amputation or further operation. Detailed notes are then given about the nature of the amputation and the pain or sensations currently felt by the patient, especially with regard to phantom limbs. Many cases include rough sketches illustrating sensation in phantom limbs. The notebook is indexed by patient name, and gives references to pages 1 to 98. However, this notebook is only foliated 1 to 47, suggesting that there was originally a second volume. The patient notes are often loose sheets inserted at the relevant page.