Scope and Content

This correspondence was in a large bundle at the beginning of the Victor Horsley notebook. Although most of the material relates to the lecture, it does not relate particularly to the content of the notebook. The correspondence has been removed to form a separate item. This item comprises largely of correspondence, but also includes small quantities of administrative material and manuscript notes. All aspects of preparation for the lecture are covered, including correspondence about cases taken by Horsley and personal testimonies about Horsley.

  • /1 Part of copy letter to Norman Dott re possible trip to Russia (probably not 1956 trip), n.d. [1930s?]
  • /2 Copy letter to Professor Gilding about discussion of the British Association about pituitary lesions at Norwich in September, 22 July 1935.
  • /3 Copy letter to Dr. Elsberg requesting a bulletin of his Institute and describing a case of a intramedullary of the cervical cord, 18 September 1935.
  • /4 Copy letter to Major N.T. Whitehead, Hull Medical Society, agreeing to read a paper, 22 July 1935.
  • /5 Typescript invitation to Victor Horsley Memorial Lecture, n.d. [1957].
  • /6 Typescript list of names (some with addresses), possibly an invitation list, n.d. [1957] (3 sheets).
  • /7 Letter from Professor G.L. Brown, University College London, answering Jefferson's enquiry about the Horsley-Clarke stereotaxic machines, 19 December 1956.
  • /8 Letters and case notes from and relating to Stanley William Case, a patient of Victor Horsley in 1903, who on reading Jefferson's Horsley lecture wanted to testify to the skill of Horsley, May - June 1957.
  • /9 Letter from Ernest Sachs sending information and personal feelings about Horsley, 17 December 1956.
  • /10 Rough note regarding notes of cases Jefferson was expecting from [National Hospital] Queen's Square, n.d.
  • /11 Brief note about Horsley, n.d.
  • /12 Letter from Alastair Hetherington, editor of the Manchester Guardian, regarding material on Horsley, 11 April 1957.
  • /13 Letter from Arthur S. MacNalty after reading a typescript of the Horsley lecture, 15 March 1957.
  • /14 Letter from Ernest Sachs giving information about Horsley, 17 February 1957.
  • /15 Letter from ?P. Wade, Librarian of Royal Society of Medicine, 18 March 1957.
  • /16 Holograph notes by Jefferson about Horsley in 1906, n.d.
  • /17 Letter from ?J.W. Logan, principal of University of London, about the Brown Institution, 7 March 1957.
  • /18 Five letters from Pamela Robinson, the wife of Stanley Robinson, about Horsley and the lecture, 18 February 1957 - 6 May 1958 (9 sheets).
  • /19 Copy letter to Arthur MacNalty discussing his research into Horsley and the completed lecture, 1 March 1957.
  • /20 Letter from ?P. Martin sending information about Horsley, 28 February 1957.
  • /21 Letter from Sir Archibald Gray, recommending that Jefferson write to MacNalty as he worked with Horsley, 21 December 1956.