File re. amputations

Scope and Content

File containing letters from amputees operated on by Jefferson replying to a request for current information about their phantom limbs, and further case notes. The file also contains other unrelated material.

  • /1 Letter from W[illiam] Higgins (whose case notes are given in JEF/1/1/2/1), 12 October 1918.
  • /2 Case notes of James Miller, n.d. [1918].
  • /3 Case notes of unidentified patient on dorse of a brief note dated 6 May 1919.
  • /4 Rough case notes of Private Turner, n.d. [1919].
  • /5 Letter from Private Joseph Giddy, 19 October 1918.
  • /6 Brief note re. sensations of unidentified patient when pressure is put on ulna bulb, n.d.
  • /7 Sketches of mouse intestines and stomach, n.d.
  • /8 Manuscript notes on historical cases of fractured atlas vertebra, see JEF/1/1/1/7, n.d. [192-?]. Apparently used to inform his paper G. Jefferson, 'Remarks on Fractures of the First Cervical Vertebrae', British Medical Journal, 1927, 2(3473), pp.153-7.
  • /9 Case notes of unidentified patient with fractured skull, Ancoats Hospital, 12 June 1927.