Scope and Content

These loose inserts have been removed from the Victor Horsley notebook. Their original position in the volume has been noted and this is the order in which they appear. 

  • /1 Manuscript notes about cases from 1906. Inserted at page 34 (6 sheets).
  • /2-4 Letter from John Hankinson, National Hospital, 26 February 1957, typescript copy case notes dated 31 October 1956 for three of Horsley's cases (3 sheets), and a copy of a 1886 photograph of a large brain tumour. Inserted at page 42.
  • /5-6 Manuscript notes, possibly early drafts of the lecture, n.d. Inserted at page 42.
  • /7-9 Black and white photographs, one of x-ray of skull, one of man's face and torso, one of the back of a neck showing large scars, 1956. Inserted at page 82.
  • /10-11 Brief manuscript notes, n.d. Inserted at page 84.
  • /12 Typescript drafts of postscript to lecture concerning the operation on Siward Horsley by Sir Victor Horsley. Siward was Mrs Stanley Robinson's brother, and the typescript is based on her suggestion which appears in her hand (see JEF/1/2/4/2/2/18 for correspondence between Jefferson and Mrs Stanley Robinson). Inserted at page 106 (2 sheets).
  • /13 Manuscript case notes of Henry Watkinson, treated in 1904, n.d. Inserted at page 112.
  • /14-16 Black and white copy photographs of man's head, possibly before and after operation, original photographs taken 22 and 27 June 1886. Inserted at page 130.
  • /17 Newspaper cutting titled '50 years ago' from Manchester Evening News about a lecture by Victor Horsley, n.d. [1957]. Inserted at page 130.